Logistics 3PL Cross Docking

The global nature of customer demand for product availability and accessibility, means that it is not always financially feasible for a retailer or a manufacturer to dedicate a distribution centre (DC) to service all end users. Third Party Logistics providers (3PL companies) offer facilities a cost-effective solution.

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Product Distribution Centers

Flexibility in warehouse design

The pallet racking and storage solutions for a 3PL logistics and cross docking providers are very similar to those of a distribution centre but with increased flexibility, consolidating the operation of many “mini” distribution centres under one roof, while servicing a variety of end users with unique packaging and shipping requirements.

3PL customers look for flexibility in the warehouse design, as customers and product lines change with each contract. Racking in a cross docking application is typically single selective and utilized to assist with staging, dunnage/empty pallet storage, or quarantine quality related purposes.