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Pallet Flow Racking


  • Pallet Flow Racking offers higher density storage compared to Selective Racking, maximizing warehouse space.
  • Height limitation is determined by the maximum lift height of the forklifts.
  • Reduces aisle traffic and lift truck use, especially efficient in cold storage.
  • Compatible with various pallet sizes and types, with full-width roller options for flexibility.
  • Supports FIFO of SKUs by lane, optimal for date-sensitive storage.
>50% Selectivity

>50% Selectivity

18+ Pallet Depths

18+ Pallet Depths

Universal Forklift Compatibility

Universal Forklift Compatibility

Pallet Flow Racking operates on the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) principle. This system allows for loading multiple pallets at one end and retrieving them from the opposite end, ensuring smooth and continuous access. This versatile system can be applied to various applications and industries, including JIT (Just in Time) inventory management and cold storage logistics, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness across a wide range of operations.



Maximizing Space with Pallet Flow Racking


Designed for operations with deep pallet storage, this racking system is an ideal solution to maximize warehouse space. This system’s versatility is evident in its flexible adaptation to various warehouse heights. The system’s height is tailored to accommodate not just the lifting capabilities of your forklifts but also other operational and spatial constraints.



Enhanced Safety and Efficiency


In warehouse operations, prioritizing safety and efficiency is crucial. The Pallet Flow system significantly improves retrieval times by eliminating the need for lift trucks to navigate through Drive-In tunnels or secondary aisles. Only load and unload beam and rack frames are exposed to lift truck impact, reducing the risk of damage. Aisle frames can also be reinforced for safer forklift movement, which enhances safety and long-term durability.



Versatile Storage Adaptability


Pallet Flow Racking caters to a diverse range of pallet sizes and types. This adaptability makes it a perfect match for automated retrieval systems and complex setups, including pick towers and rack-supported buildings. Its full-width roller options ensure that it can accommodate the specific requirements of different pallet types, offering unparalleled flexibility.



Optimal for Specialized Storage Needs


This system is particularly advantageous for environments that require careful handling of date-sensitive items, such as Just-In-Time (JIT) operations. In freezer or cold storage facilities, Pallet Flow Racking proves to be especially beneficial. By reducing aisle traffic and minimizing the need for multiple lift trucks, it leads to significant energy savings and enhanced operational efficiency.


Pallet Flow Racking is more than just a space-maximizing solution; it is a versatile, efficient system designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of warehouse operations.


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