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Racking Systems, often referred to as Pallet Racking Systems, are material handling storage solutions used for high density storage in a wide variety of industries and applications. Racking systems are often used for warehouse storage, product storage, manufacturing facilities, automotive plants, and any type of storage facility where maximizing the usable cubic footage of the building is essential.


Pallet Racking Systems from North American Steel are built from extremely rigid steel frames and beams, and allow for pallets, skids, and boxes of different sizes and weight capacities to be stored vertically and in multiple rows. This offers efficient use of cubic footage within a storage facility, maximizing storage capacity, and minimizing storage costs.


North American Steel Pallet Racking Systems can be designed to meet the varying needs of any use case scenario, whether speed and selectivity is the priority, or ultra high density of storage. Regardless of the scenario, structural stability, strength, and safety are always top priority when North American Steel is designing, engineering, and manufacturing any Pallet Racking System.


North American Steel offers different types of Pallet Racking, whether using welded Structural Steel, Roll Formed Steel, a Hybrid Rack which utilizes both Structural and Roll Formed, or a Knockdown Structure, also known as Bolted Pallet Racking. Regardless of the type of racking used, North American Steel Racking Systems are available in a number of different configurations to fit the needs of a wide variety of industries and uses cases.


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Selective Systems

North American Steel Selective Pallet Racking Systems are manufactured from high tensile steel and our carefully engineered integrated components have been developed for the highest durability performance.

Dynamic Systems

North American Steel Dynamic Racking Systems allow for palletized loads and cartons to flow via gravity or conveyors to the pick face, requiring less time and energy to retrieve inventory. Increase picking rates and reduce travel time and labour.

Specialized Systems

If you have pallets or items that won’t fit on traditional selective pallet racking or need to be readily accessible, North American Steel can design a specialized racking system customized to suit any storage requirements.