North American Steel offers a wide range of racking products in order to offer you a system that will perfectly meet your storage requirements regardless of what industry you are in or logistic challenges you are facing.

North American Rack

North American Rack is the workhorse of conventional warehouses and is the most widely used storage system for fast moving palletized and non-palletized loads.

American Teardrop Rack

American Teardrop Racking units have been an industry standard in the USA for many decades. The tapered key-lock type rivet connectors square the beam to the column vertically and horizontally, allowing longer engagement than a standard round rivet.

Knockdown Rack

North American Steel manufactures Knockdown Racking in both 3 ¼” and 4” columns to meet all capacity requirements. It installs as easily as welded racking and has the same options for configurations.

Structural Rack

North American Structural Racking is ideal for high rise systems, heavy traffic and high abuse areas. It is available in a variety of column sizes and meets the required frame loads of both higher and heavier pallets.

Hybrid Rack

Hybrid racking combines the strength and durability of structural frames with cost-effective rollformed beams to deliver flexible, modular storage bays. The rollformed beams can accommodate a full range of racking accessories such as safety bars, wire mesh decks and dividers.


Industrial Shelving products from North American Steel are all built with expandability and versatility in mind, whether for lightweight office storage, or for extensive stock picking applications.

Widespan 4000

Widespan shelving is ideal for high rise systems such as one- and two-level catwalks, mezzanines and storage platforms of up to a maximum height of 22 feet, handling capacities of 6,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs per bay.

North American Steel EasyUp 7000 Shelving Product Line

EasyUp 7000

Easyup 7000 steel shelving (compatible with EZrect type 1 shelving) is the ideal open style long span steel shelving system with four basic inter-locking components. It is designed for hand loading of large size heavy merchandise although it is not recommended for forklift loading.

EasyUp 5000

EasyUp 5000 steel shelving offers the clean look of office shelving with the strength and durability of industrial shelving for excellent price value. It’s lightweight and economical design makes it perfect for light to medium weight storage.