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Structural Racking


  • Ideal for high-risk areas, high rise systems, heavy traffic, and high abuse areas. 
  • Various column sizes available to accommodate higher systems and heavier pallets. 
  • The most Cost Effective option in high abuse facilities. 
  • Hybrid Racking Option allows integration with rollformed components for economic and functional benefits. 
  • Enhanced durability with a structural shape that reduces lift truck damage and deformation risk. 
High Capacity

High Capacity

Versatile Design

Versatile Design

Exceptional Durability

Exceptional Durability

North American Structural Racking is the go-to choice for environments demanding robust and reliable storage solutions. Tailored for high rise systems, areas with heavy traffic, and high abuse situations, this racking system is designed with a variety of column sizes to support both heavier pallets and taller systems. Structural pallet racking stands out as a cost-effective product, offering efficient storage solutions in potentially tough environments. 



Enhanced Strength and Longevity 


Constructed from hot rolled structural channels, I-beams, and HSS tubes, our Structural Rack is built to withstand the wear and tear of the most challenging conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for cold storage, freezers, and distribution facilities, where durability is paramount. 



Reduced Lift Truck Damage and Maintenance Costs 


The unique structural shape of the columns in this racking system is specifically designed to minimize lift truck damage. By placing the most amount of steel at the front face corners, it reduces the likelihood of deformation from everyday impacts. Additionally, the thick sections of structural rack allow for repairs using standard cutting and welding equipment, ensuring any re-work is efficient and cost-effective. Note: Any re-work must be completed by fully qualified personnel. 



Hybrid Racking for Economic Efficiency 


Structural pallet racking can be integrated with rollformed components to create Hybrid Racking, providing a more economical alternative that incorporates the best features of both styles. This versatility appeals to companies looking for cost-effective, yet durable storage solutions. 



Diverse Frame Options for Enhanced Safety 


Structural Rack offers a selection of three leg options: the STRAIGHT LEG with a Bull Nose protector, the CANT LEG base, and the RECESSED LEG base. This robust construction ensures increased safety and prolonged durability, which is essential in high-traffic warehouse settings. 



Long-Term Investment Benefits 


While the initial investment in structural racking may seem higher compared to rollformed racking, the long-term benefits are substantial. The reduced need for replacing damaged components, combined with lower downtime for repairs and installation costs, makes structural racking a more economically sound choice over time. 



Invest in North American Steel’s Structural Racking for a reliable, durable, and cost-effective storage solution. Suited for the toughest environments, it offers longevity, reduced maintenance, and versatile design options. Contact us to enhance your warehouse’s efficiency and resilience. 

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