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Open Shelving


  • Industrial Open Shelving enhances fire safety with superior sprinkler penetration compared to closed systems, offering increased protection. 
  • Economical alternative to traditional closed shelving options.
  • Customizable configurations, allowing for tailored storage solutions to meet specific needs and spatial constraints.
  • Easy access to stored items and enhanced visibility, simplifying inventory management and item retrieval.
  • Can be expanded or reconfigured as storage requirements change, offering lasting adaptability and utility.
Adjustable Design

Adjustable Design

Modular Build

Modular Build

Aesthetic Style

Aesthetic Style

Discover our commercial use Open Steel Shelving, a system that combines the elegance of office shelving with the strength of industrial designs. This innovative solution features easily adjustable shelving and sturdy wedge lock beam supports, offering flexibility and durability in storage.



Common Applications


Our industrial Open Shelving system is versatile, ideal for retail backroom overstock, industrial small bin to pick applications, and office supply storage, adapting seamlessly to various storage demands.



Design and Customization


Experience the adaptability of our industrial Open Shelving with its modular design and adjustable shelves, providing tailor-made storage solutions that evolve with your changing needs. There are a variety of shelving options available, including steel shelves, wire mesh deck, or particle board.



Efficiency and Accessibility


Designed for maximum space utilization and ease of access, our Open Shelving enhances stock visibility and simplifies item retrieval, promoting an efficient storage environment. This system is also easy to clean.

Transform your storage with our versatile and durable Open Shelving solutions. Contact us today to revolutionize your warehouse or business organizational needs with our innovative shelving options.

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