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The access aisle widths can be increased for 4-wheel balance lift trucks’ turning radius and have aisle widths of 144” to 160”. Wide Aisle can be used for picking at ground level with walkies, pallet trucks and carts.

Wide Aisle Racking Benefits:

  • Optimum flexibility and accessibility to all individual pallets, including hand loading
  • Full selectivity of every pallet
  • Box pick at lower levels
  • Replenishment at upper levels
  • Shelves can accommodate a wide variety of products
  • Available in either Roll Formed of Structural Steel
  • No special lift trucks required and compatible with most standard models
  • Supports FIFO (First-In, First-Out) desirable inventory management
  • Most economical racking storage per square foot
  • Economical shelving beams can be added for low level hand picking
  • Easy installation (beam adjustment and reconfiguration and can be re-sold as used racking)
  • Wide range of accessories for every specific product and safety application
  • One level of pallets can be located on the floor
  • Reasonable tolerance of floor level for installations up to 30’ high
  • Multiple trucks can access each aisle

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