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Wide Aisle Racking


  • Wide Aisle Racking provides easy access to any pallet, streamlining inventory management with FIFO (First-In-First-Out) system support. 
  • Easy installation and reconfiguration, making it a cost-efficient entry into vertical storage. 
  • Compatibility with standard lift trucks, reducing the need for specialized machinery. 
  • Offers accessibility and flexibility for both hand loading and pallet handling. 
  • Allows multiple trucks to access each aisle for seamless warehouse operations. 
100% Selectivity

100% Selectivity

144”+ Aisle Widths

144”+ Aisle Widths

Universal Forklift Compatibility

Universal Forklift Compatibility

When it comes to optimizing your warehouse space and streamlining your storage operations, Wide Aisle Pallet Racking stands as a versatile and cost-efficient solution. This robust system offers a myriad of benefits, making it a great choice for industries seeking to use vertical storage space. Installations up to 24 feet in height are possible, enhancing its vertical storage capabilities for businesses. 



Full Selectivity and FIFO Support 


Wide Aisle Racking provides full selectivity, allowing easy access to any pallet at any time. This feature enables efficient inventory management and supports the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method, ensuring that older stock is utilized first. This is crucial for industries where product freshness or shelf-life matters, such as food or pharmaceuticals. 



Compatibility with Standard Lift Trucks 


One of the standout advantages of Wide Aisle Racking is its compatibility with standard lift trucks. This compatibility reduces the need for specialized machinery and enhances the system’s cost-effectiveness.  



Efficient Vertical Storage Solution with Scalability 


Wide Aisle Racking offers an efficient vertical storage solution, making it well-suited for businesses without prior vertical systems. The system boasts easy installation and adaptability, making it ideal for evolving needs. It offers scalability to maximize unused vertical space, and as you transition to another system, the potential for even greater heights becomes possible. 



Tailored to Your Needs 


To further enhance the functionality of the system, a wide variety of accessories are available to suit specific product and safety requirements. This ensures the safety of your workforce and the security of your valuable inventory. 



Perfect for Low-Level Picking and Multi-Truck Access 


Wide Aisle Racking is suitable for low-level picking, making it ideal for dynamic warehouses where box picking is a common practice using walkies, pallet trucks, and carts. With aisle widths ranging from 144″ to 160″, it accommodates 4-wheel balance lift trucks and allows multiple trucks to access each aisle, ensuring smooth warehouse operations. 


In summary, Wide Aisle Racking is the initial path into investing in racking, offering exceptional space optimization, accessibility, and flexibility for both hand loading and pallet handling. It is the go-to choice for industries looking to make the most of their warehouse space efficiently and economically. 


Unlock the full potential of your storage space with our Wide Aisle Racking system. Request a quote or speak to our experts for a tailored solution to streamline your warehouse operations. 

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