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Carton Flow Racking


  • Enhances selectivity for small items per bay, optimizing space utilization.
  • Ergonomic design facilitates access to pick levels, improving worker comfort and productivity.
  • Adaptable for cartons or small containers with multiple shelf levels featuring roller rails and dividers.
  • Increases retrieval efficiency and accuracy, suitable for various high-activity picking applications.
Small Item Picking

Small Item Picking

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Universal Forklift Compatibility

Universal Forklift Compatibility

Carton Flow Racking utilizes gravity to facilitate efficient item movement. Products are loaded into the higher end of the rack and glide down gently to the lower end, thanks to the slightly inclined shelves. As an item is picked from the unloading end, the next item automatically rolls into position, ensuring a constant, seamless supply. This system is particularly effective for managing small items and cartons, ensuring that products are always accessible at the picking point.



Versatile and Efficient Picking Solution


Carton Flow Rack systems are essential in settings like distribution centers, where high-activity open and full carton picking is required. They are ideal for efficient multi-lane order operations, streamlining the picking process, and increasing overall productivity.



Ergonomically Optimized for Accessibility


Designed with ergonomics in mind, Carton Flow Racks allow for easy access to pick levels, accommodating various heights and reducing physical strain. This aspect is crucial in high-volume picking environments, improving worker comfort and efficiency.



Customizable to Meet Operational Needs


Equipped with roller rails and dividers, these racks are suitable for holding a wide range of carton sizes and types. The slight decline in shelf levels ensures a consistent and effortless flow of products, making it easier to manage inventory and handle picking operations.



Enhanced Retrieval Time and Accuracy


The structure of Carton Flow Racks is geared towards maximizing retrieval times by minimizing unnecessary movement. Each product having its own designated lane significantly improves pick accuracy, crucial in fast-paced, multi-lane order environments.



Adaptable for Diverse Applications


With various types of carton flow rollers available, the system can be customized to support different carton sizes, materials, and weights. Additional features like lane dividers and sloped display trays further enhance visibility and access, tailoring the system to specific operational requirements.


Discover the adaptability and efficiency of Carton Flow Racking for your high-activity picking needs. Contact us to learn how we can customize a solution for your diverse application requirements.

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