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Industrial shelving systems are used for economical storage of lighter weight, small hand-stackable items not suited to mechanized handling and storage, due to their handling characteristics, activity, or quantity. These systems are Generally composed of metal components that create a multi-level shelf system to support a wide range of materials. North American Steel offers many options for your industrial shelving needs. We have a boltless industrial shelving system that is the latest in design and function that offers a completely boltless installation except for bolting the anti-sway braces in place. It is easily and quickly assembled.


We also offer an office shelving system, which is a multi-purpose storage system with a choice of board or steel shelving. If you require shelving for heavier loads and hand loading options, we have a heavy gauge hot rolled steel shelving system that offers welded construction for quickest assembly and is also available in knocked down (bolted) components for easy riveting or bolting to reduce freight cost if necessary.


Are you looking for a more rigid solution for heavier or palletized loads? Check out our Pallet Racking Systems.


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Open Shelving

Open Steel Shelving offers the look of office shelving, the strength of industrial shelving and the economy of commercial shelving. This system offers easily adjustable compression clip type shelving, and wedge lock beam supports.

Closed Shelving

Closed Steel Shelving offers additional stability while giving greater protection to contents with closed back and sides. It can be used along or in conjunction with other units providing a finished look at the end of rows.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving provides the ideal universal shelving system for bulk and lightweight items. Shelving features open accessibility form all sides as no cross bracing is required.

Widespan Shelving

Widespan shelving is ideal for high rise systems such as one- and two-level catwalks, mezzanines and storage platforms, up to a maximum height of 22 feet, handling capacities of 6,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs per bay.