Outdoor Storage Racking

Effective utilization of outdoor space can be one of the most cost effective storage solutions. Where products can be stored outside and not affected by the elements. NAS outdoor Cantilever Racking can be the ideal solution, saving on heating, air conditioning, building maintenance, lighting, etc. When direct exposure to sun, rain, ice or snow is a consideration, covered storage is an option with roof coverings and wall panels that can be attached directly to the racking. Our galvanized racking is weather resistant for durability and extended longevity.

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Lumber, Piping, Wire, Sheds, Trailers, Drums, Seasonal, Garden Centre, Large Auto Parts

Low Cost Storage Solutions

  • Lumber Yards – unfinished lumber, PT lumber, wrapped items such as lawn furniture, concrete products and others that will ultimately be used outdoor.
  • Home Improvement Centers – large sized products that are not weather sensitive such as BBQs, sheds, lumber, ABS / PVC / Concrete / “O” pipes, electrical wire, concrete
  • Marine Dealers and Marinas – winterized craft, docking, boat lifts
  • Petroleum Distributors – barrels and drums, antifreeze, lubricants, service center fixtures
  • Recreational Vehicle Dealers – water craft, snowmobiles, trailers, storage sheds, seasonal products
  • Farming Equipment and Supply Centers – small vehicles, trailers, grass cutting decks, accessories, parts, seasonal signage, off season customer product storage
  • Tire Storage Facilities – off season customer tire storage, over-stock, off season displays
  • Automotive Parts Distributors – awkwardly shaped products (e.g. exhaust & tail pipes), tires, windshields
  • Garden Centers – garden furniture, garden tools, concrete products, planters, fertilizer, soil and mulch