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Closed Shelving


  • Closed Shelving offers added stability and greater protection for stored contents.
  • Prevents products from falling off, reducing the risk of damage, and enhancing organization.
  • Acts as dividers, effectively separating products for better organization and easy access.
  • Enhanced security features provide theft prevention and privacy, making it ideal for sensitive or high-value items.
  • Closed sides and back prevent injuries by ensuring items don’t fall off, contributing to a safer workspace environment.
Rapid Setup

Rapid Setup

Versatile Design

Versatile Design

Robust Build

Robust Build

Discover the robust and versatile Closed Shelving, designed to offer additional stability and superior protection for your stored items. This shelving unit, popular for bin box storage and small parts storage, integrates seamlessly with other units to provide a cohesive and finished look, especially at the end of shelving rows.



Safety and Security


Prioritize Safety and Security with Closed Shelving. Our Closed Shelving units are designed to prevent products from falling, reducing potential injuries and protecting the products from damage. They also serve as an effective theft deterrent and privacy measure, making them a preferred choice for secure storage needs.



Organizational Efficiency


Streamline Your Storage with Organizational Efficiency. Closed Shelving acts as an ideal solution for separating and organizing products, especially in environments where organization and easy access to items are crucial.



Versatility and Compliance


Meeting Industry Standards with Versatility. Our Closed Shelving not only provides additional stability and is recommended for bin applications but also meets certain industry regulatory compliance requirements, making it suitable for various business needs.

Enhance your commercial storage with Closed Shelving. Looking for a storage solution that offers security, organization, and compliance? Our Closed Shelving is the answer. Contact us today to explore how we can cater to your specific storage requirements.


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