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Widespan shelving is ideal for high rise systems such as one- and two-level catwalks, mezzanines and storage platforms of up to a maximum height of 22 feet, handling capacities of 6,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs per bay.

Widespan 4000 storage covers the load range between shelving and racking. Widespan shelving provides the ideal universal shelving system for bulk and lightweight items. Widespan shelving features open accessibility from all sides as no cross bracing is required.

  • Welded frames ready for quick assembly
  • Side mounted beams or front mounted beams depending on bay width and shelf capacity
  • Particle board shelves or steel shelves
  • Wood shelves supported on beams for extra strength
  • Wire shelves also available
  • Compression clip option for steel shelves

Widespan is North American Steel's most advanced and modular shelving system, with four major applications:


Most shelving systems stop at 4 foot wide. North American Steel Widespan covers from 4 foot to 8 foot or longer with clip in front mounted beams on 2 “adjustability. The ¾ “step beams allow a variety of shelves: wire mesh shelves, (1” x 21/2” mesh) particle board shelves, corrugated steel decks and metal drop in panels.


Similar to racking, widespan frames can span the total distance of back to back bays in the frames and shelves can span the depth of back to back bays. Wire mesh dividers are back stops and can divide the common shelf level or can be easily removed for large items.

3. VNA Shelving

Due to its high capacity post structure, VNA shelving can be doubled for added capacity. The frames can be designed for back to back adjustability. Ideal for picker trucks up to 30 foot high.


Most shelving systems can be designed to 2 level platform while wide span with this double post can be designed up to 4 levels. Storage platform/catwalks are ideal for utilizing the maximum height of new warehouses up to 40 feet high with multi level floor ranging from 8 ft to 10 ft in height with the first floor being high volume picks and upper floors for the slower moving items.