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Widespan 4000 Shelving


  • Ideal for high-rise systems like catwalks, mezzanines, and storage platforms
  • Bridges the load range gap between shelving and racking
  • Accessible from all sides, no cross bracing required
  • Welded frames ensure quick and easy assembly
  • Beams can be mounted on the side or front, based on needs
  • Variety of shelf types including particle board, steel, wood, and wire shelves
  • Wood shelves on beams provide added strength
  • Compression clip option enhances versatility for steel shelves
High Capacity

High Capacity

Versatile Use

Versatile Use

Robust Design

Robust Design

Widespan Shelving from the NAS Group offers a universal solution for both bulk and lightweight item storage, ideally filling the space between traditional shelving and racking systems. This versatile system is especially suitable for high-rise storage solutions such as catwalks, mezzanines, and storage platforms.



System Applications


Long Span: NAS Group Widespan surpasses traditional widths, accommodating spans up to 8 feet or more, with adjustable front-mounted beams supporting various shelf types including wire mesh, particle board, and metal.


Double Deep Shelving: Allows for storage in back-to-back bays, with the option of removable wire mesh dividers for large items or shared shelf levels.


VNA Shelving: Designed for high-capacity storage, suitable for picker trucks up to 30ft high in very narrow aisles.


Storage Platforms / Mezzanines: Can be designed up to four levels, ideal for new warehouses to maximize vertical space up to 40 feet high.  Floors can range from 8 to 10 feet in height, with the first floor dedicated to high-volume picks and upper floors for slower-moving items, efficiently organizing inventory based on turnover rate.



Explore the efficiency and adaptability of Widespan Shelving for optimizing your warehouse storage. With its versatile design and multiple application possibilities, it’s an ideal solution for enhancing storage capacity and organization. Contact us to learn how Widespan Shelving can revolutionize your storage strategy.

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