Rack Relocation

Teardown, Repair and Re-Installation of Your Existing Racking Facility

Expanding or moving to a new location?  Need to dismantle your existing rack system and re-install it in a new warehouse?  We can provide all your teardown, rack repair and installation services. Let us design your new racking warehouse space to maximize potential space and productivity.

Pallet rack dismantling or installation requires an experienced crew with the right tools to avoid damaging your existing racks, and ensure safety certification after it has been moved.  Our installers are knowledgeable and can recognize damages that can effect your safe load capacities, thus avoiding you future costly accidents, personal employee injury and distribution downtime. Moved and re-installed racking should also be inspected by a qualified engineer, before it is used, to ensure safe load capacities and legal certification for the Ministry of Labour.  Your racking may also require repairs and in some cases frames, beams and shelves may require replacement.  Fork lift truck impact damage can weaken your rack system and put you and your workers in danger. Without the expertise of an experienced team, you may have inferior racking that could collapse and cause significant injury to your valuable workers and loaded product.

We can provide engineer Certified rack repairs, engineered drawing services, damage repairs / replacement services, and pallet racking reconfigurations to suit your warehouse requirements.  Changing the rack beam level by only a few inches can change load capacities and void current rack safety certification.  Ontario Ministry of Labour requires Pre-Start Health & Safety Certification (PSR) for ALL warehouse pallet racking.   Consult with an expert BEFORE you make any changes to your pallet rack system and be sure to have an Engineer RE-CERTIFY your system for safe use.