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Pick Tower / Pick Module


  • Ideal for hand case picking and designed to support specific product sizes and weights.
  • Allows storage of full pallets above with independent lift truck access.
  • Variety of flooring options, including roof deck, metal panels, lumber, or wire mesh decks.
  • Integrated with conveyor systems for efficient order transfer to shipping areas.
  • Features like vertical lifts, stair towers, elevators, and secure partitions.
  • Designs incorporate existing columns and obstructions.
  • Maximizes vertical space, reducing the need for additional building space.
Automated System Compatible

Automated System Compatible

Full Pallet Storage

Full Pallet Storage

Hand Picking

Hand Picking

The NAS Group’s Pick Tower Racking and Pick Modules are effective storage solutions, designed to support hand picking operations while offering compatibility with automated storage systems. These structures are expertly designed to facilitate multi-level picking and storage, maximizing vertical space in warehouses and distribution centers. The integration with automated systems enhances overall efficiency, making these solutions ideal for a broad range of operational needs, from high-volume hand picking to sophisticated automated retrieval processes.



Customizable and Space-Efficient Solutions


The design of Pick Towers and Pick Modules is highly customizable. Full pallets can be stored on upper levels, with cross-aisle beams offering a selection of flooring options. This adaptability makes them suitable for various applications, including archive storage, hospital record storage, and distribution centers.



Seamless Integration with Material Handling Equipment


These systems are most effective when combined with conveyors, allowing pickers to move efficiently among shelving aisles. Orders are completed and transferred to the main aisle conveyor, streamlining the process from picking to shipping.



Options for Enhanced Functionality


Additional features such as vertical lifts, stair towers, and elevators can be integrated, along with partitions and fencing for added security. The systems are designed to maximize the use of empty air space, building upwards to avoid the costs associated with additional building space.



Pick Modules and Towers Customized for Your Needs


  • Pick Modules: Typically constructed using shelving bays, ideal for a variety of picking activities.
  • Pick Towers: Generally rack supported, used primarily for high volume SKUs/picks, and often integrate carton flow or pallet flow systems.



Explore how Pick Towers and Pick Modules from the NAS Group can elevate your storage and picking operations. Contact us to learn how these solutions can be tailored to maximize your facility’s efficiency and space utilization.

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