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Pick Tower Racking by North American Steel is ideal for hand case picking. Rack frames and beams are designed to meet all specific product sizes and weights. Full pallets can be stored above with independent access for lift trucks. Cross aisle beams provide a variety of flooring choices including roof deck, metal panels, cut lumber or wire mesh decks.


Rack supported shelving systems are ideal for part picking into totes or full carton picking into carts and are most effectively combined with conveyors. Pickers move among the shelving aisles until the orders are completed and then orders are transferred to the main aisle conveyor, sending the cartons/totes to the shipping area.


Multi-Tier Pick Racks are ideal for archive storage, banker box, hospital record storage, automotive parts, industrial supply, plumbing/electrical distributors and distribution centres.


Options include vertical lifts, stair towers and elevators as well as partitions with integrated fencing for added security.


  • Upper levels can accept full pallets for quick handling
  • Existing columns and other obstructions can be worked into the layout plan
  • Maximize use of empty air space by building upwards – Avoid rental, building or purchasing new space

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