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Benefits Of Drive-In & Drive-Thru Pallet Rack

It is very important to get warehouse racking systems right based on the type of product it houses for your high density storage. Different pallet rack systems will have varying load capacities and abilities depending on your industry requirements. DriveIn and DriveThru rack systems are ideal for fast moving products handled on pallets. Each rack bay is designed for a single product line or product lot. DriveIn / DriveThru racking is also used when floor space is limited. Loads are stored on pallets using a Last In First Out (LIFO) system, this way the items put in last are retreived first. DriveIn / DriveThru racking allows loads to be easily accessed even in tight spaces, without damage to product or pallets by lift truck impact. This type of rack system also allows for First In First Out principle (FIFO) to be applied, since the pallets may be accessible at the other end.

Pick slots are reduced significantly and since only one product or lot number is stored in each tunnel, it is possible to actually double storage density. Rack bays which are made for holding a single product are usually used to store larger items or large quantities of a single product line, stored on pallets. DriveIn racking is also ideal for delicate skid loads that cannot be double-stacked. Load rails can be set at various heights to ensure each pallet has its own support and does not touch the load above or below it. Also works well for cold storage where specialized lift trucks are not required; which is most economic of options for high density storage.

With a DriveThru racking system, every bay is also allocated to one type or product, but unlike DriveIn, this system is best for moving more products per tunnel more quickly. Loading and retrieval of pallets may be done from either end of the aisles, allowing for First In First Out principle (FIFO) to be applied, since the pallets may be accessible at the other. This means product with expiry dates can be taken out first. Ideal for freezer applications and because it uses less vertical heigh, another pallet level can be added.

North American Steel has provided quality pallet rack systems in Canada for the past six decades and counting. We design systems for all industries to make efficient use of available warehouse space for distribution or storage facilities to increase productivity and output. NAS DriveIn, DriveThru rack and other high density storage systems can be customized to suit your needs.

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