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Facts About Wire Mesh Shelves

When making improvements to your warehouse or distribution centre, you want to be sure that you use the best materials in the most efficient and safe methods. Anything less and you risk significant increases in cost due to damage to your stock or people. But the stresses of a budget can push owners towards selecting inferior options to cut down on initial up front expenses. Before you fall into the same trap, consider these five compelling reasons to choose wire mesh shelves instead of wood panels for any storage of your valuable product.

  1. Durability: Wood is a natural and organic substance, so even protected wood surfaces will eventually succumb to hazards like water damage and excess stress over time. Wire mesh decks on the other hand are constructed from galvanized or powder painted durable steel and cannot rot, warp, or splinter as plywood and particle board decks can when subjected to consistently heavy loads. This extra durability gives wire mesh shelves the edge for long-term usage.
  2. Airflow: The open weave design of wire mesh decking prevents product damage by letting the objects rest on a permeable surface which keeps moisture and other damaging substances from gathering. There is also less surface space for allergens and dust, increasing the quality of the storage space and reducing the risk of sickness.
  3. Safety: Wire mesh shelves improve fire safety ratings because it improves the performance of overhead sprinkler systems. The open weave design of wire mesh decks allow water to penetrate all layers of decking, allowing the extinguishing agent to reach the heart of any fire. Further, the steel construction is resistant to damage in the event of a fire. The enhanced durability mentioned earlier also plays into safety by decreasing the chance of a break that will cause the inventory to topple over, potentially harming nearby people and the items.
  4. Simplicity: This material is easy to clean and easy to install. They come in a varying styles and sizes to suit any warehouse application and can fit to box beams, step beams, and structural racking beams. Wire mesh decks to not require tools for installation, they are designed to lay over the beam structure. The powder coating or galvanized steel also makes housekeeping a breeze, as it is easy to keep clean as dust falls through and will not gather on the shelves, keeping your product clean.
  5. Visibility: The openness of wire mesh decking makes it much easier for workers to identify product loads for pickup and quickly locate available rack space. With the improved visibility comes greater flexibility in organizing the shelves making it easier to see when different sized or shaped cartons, drums, and pallets are stored on the shelves.


The Right Solution for Your Storage Needs. While wire mesh decking requires a higher initial investment over wood panel decking, the long term benefits quickly override the expense. Over time, the wire mesh decking provides a greater return on investment with its durability and safety. There is no question as to which decking material is the best; all that’s left is for you to decide whether you want to build something that lasts or take the shortcuts through life. Contact us today to learn more about our products and request a quote.