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North American Steel Attains Prestigious R-Mark®(MH16.1-2023) Certification, Effective February 6, 2024

[Toronto, Feb 26, 2024] – North American Steel (NAS), a leading figure in the steel industry, proudly announces its achievement of the R-Mark®(MH16.1-2023) Certification, effective February 6, 2024. This significant milestone not only showcases NAS’s exceptional engineering prowess but also solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the racking industry.


The R-Mark® certification stands as a testament to NAS’s unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and excellence. It underscores the trust and confidence that our esteemed customers and partners have consistently placed in us. With this certification, NAS reaffirms its status as a premier rack manufacturer, setting the benchmark for reliability and innovation in the market.


NAS is proud to be recognized as an R-Mark® Certified Manufacturer, Certified System provider, and Certified Installation expert. This distinction highlights our comprehensive capabilities across the entire spectrum of racking solutions. Moreover, NAS stands out as one of only three racking manufacturers in North America awarded both Roll-formed and Structural certifications, a testament to our versatility and technical expertise.


Furthermore, NAS is thrilled to announce another groundbreaking achievement: being the first and only racking manufacturer to receive all six R-Mark® badges in Canada thus far. This remarkable feat underscores our relentless pursuit of excellence and distinguishes NAS as an unparalleled leader in the racking industry across North America.


“We are immensely proud of achieving the R-Mark®(MH16.1-2023) Certification,” said Dillon Wang, Engineering Manager at North American Steel. “This certification not only reflects our dedication to delivering superior quality products and services but also reinforces our commitment to the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We are honored to be recognized as a pioneer in the industry and remain steadfast in our mission to drive innovation and excellence.”


About North American Steel: North American Steel (NAS) is a renowned leader in the steel pallet racking industry, specializing in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of high-quality racking solutions. With over 50 years serving the market, and a steadfast commitment to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction, NAS continually sets the standard for excellence in the industrial storage industry.


About R-Mark®(MH16.1-2023): The R-Mark®(MH16.1-2023) Certification is a prestigious accreditation awarded to manufacturers, systems providers, and installation experts in the racking industry who meet stringent quality and safety standards. It is issued by the Rack Manufacturers Institute, a leading authority in the racking industry. It signifies a company’s commitment to excellence, ensuring that their products and services adhere to the highest levels of reliability and performance. This certification serves as a mark of trust and confidence for customers, highlighting the certified entity’s expertise and dedication to delivering superior solutions in the market.


You may learn more about R-Mark® here.


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