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Safety Inspections Of Pallet Racking

Warehouse pallet racking requires regular inspection and preventative maintenance to avoid costly worker injury and distribution centre downtime. Pallet racking can be dangerous – both for workers and for bystanders. The most serious dangers occur when all or part of a rack collapses, or when loads fall off a forklift. Preventing racking collapse is key to a safe and profitable warehouse distribution centre.

All racking is NOT created equal. We manufacture and install pallet racking and shelving to meet the required safety standards and building codes thereby ensuring that every system meets or exceeds necessary safety standards. The key to your safe warehouse pallet racking and its efficient operation are key to your logistics network and profitability.

We work closely complying with CSA, ANSI and RMI pallet racking design standards, in addition to working with all regulatory agencies on municipal and/or provincial level, to ensure all racking meets mechanical and structural building codes. Our CWB certified robotic welding processes guarantee high precision of welding with consistent seams thereby ensuring the highest standard of quality, and certified load capacities.

Factors effecting safety of racking:

  • Rack design, assembly and installation
  • Correct style of lift truck used for loading and unloading of bays
  • Rack damages from lift truck impact

We recommend only safe racking and shelving installations which exceed capacity requirements. We further emphasize if changes are made to our racking installations (i.e. moving and reassembling racking) to contact the manufacturer for information as to the effect the changes have on the stability and safe capacity of the pallet racking.

Lift truck operator training is now mandatory. Racking inspection and safety certification services are also available to ensure your pallet racking is safe for use and able to handle the certified capacities allowable.

Proper installation of pallet racking is a key safety factor. Improperly installed or damaged racking is unsafe for use and can lead to accident, injury, or death, due to compromised load capacities. Racking collapses can cause worker injury and can also lead to lost warehouse productivity costing you time and money. Our safety standards from the manufacturing level to onsite installation of your pallet racking ensure a safe work environment for your company. Regular inspection of pallet racking in all types of distribution centres and warehouses are now common place.