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At The NAS Group (NAS), we take pride in our rich heritage of manufacturing excellence dating back to 1972. For over five decades, we have been at the forefront of the industry, proudly crafting high-quality Pallet Racking Systems and Product Lines that set the standard for heavy-duty, customized warehouse solutions across Canada.


Our dedication to manufacturing excellence is evident through our operation of four strategically positioned manufacturing facilities across Canada. These facilities, located in Whitby, Ontario (93,000 sq. ft.), Nisku, Alberta (52,000 sq. ft.), Colborne, Ontario (175,000 sq. ft.), and Mississauga, Ontario (30,000 sq. ft.), efficiently serve and support customers in both Eastern and Western regions, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation.

Nationwide Presence

Nationwide Presence

NAS maintains a strong national presence with offices in key cities, including Toronto, Whitby, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. We are proud to be the largest and most innovative producer of heavy-duty, customized warehouse systems in Canada.
Custom Warehouse Solutions

Custom Warehouse Solutions

At NAS, we understand that every warehouse is unique, and our commitment to customization ensures that your specific storage needs are met with precision. Our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way, from design and manufacturing to installation and ongoing support.
Complete Warehouse Services

Complete Warehouse Services

Whether you’re a distributor, retailer, manufacturer, or logistics provider, The NAS Group offers a comprehensive range of services to be your trusted partner for tailored warehouse solutions. From sales support to installation, our expertise drives efficiency, safety, and productivity in your warehouse operations.

Extensive Product Lines for a Variety of Applications

As industry leaders, NAS offers a diverse range of Pallet Racking Systems and Product Lines, designed to cater to a multitude of storage requirements. Our product offerings include:

  • Rollformed Racking is a versatile and cost-effective solutions suitable for various applications.
  • Structural Racking is a robust and durable racking engineered for heavy-duty storage demands.
  • Knockdown Racking is a space-efficient and easy-to-install racking option for optimizing your warehouse layout.
  • Hybrid Racking is an NAS exclusive product line. This innovative solution combines the best features of different racking types for optimal performance.
  • Our Steel Shelving offer customizable steel shelving solutions designed to maximize your storage efficiency.

Discover the NAS difference today, and let us help you unlock the full potential of your warehouse space.

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