Environmental Considerations a Top Priority

As consultants and manufacturers to the world’s leading businesses, NAS has always advocated and recognized the importance of safeguarding our natural resources and global environmental heritage. The NAS Group joins other Canadian manufacturers in its priority for following environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.


Everything produced is rigorously tested and analyzed for environmental impact. We employ methods of reducing waste through consumable inventory monitoring and state of the art preventative maintenance programs. NAS also has a dedicated R&D team who are continuously seeking new technologies in manufacturing as we continue to reduce emissions in our robotic welding and lift truck operations.


We utilize efficient heat sources, such as infrared panels and high efficiency natural gas for our paint line bake ovens. NAS has continuously upgraded our processes to comply with evolving environmental standards by improving our paint processes to incorporate a powder coat finish, resulting in reduced emissions as well as an increase in the recapture of recycled paint.


The scrap steel that is produced from our manufacturing processes is also captured and recycled to be repurposed by our steel suppliers. The NAS manufacturing facility also had a Solar rooftop system installed that produces over 70% of our hydro energy requirements and supplies power to LED lighting in the plant.

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