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4 Optimal Systems for Knockdown Racking

Industrial real estate continues to operate at a premium. Warehouse managers have to think ahead into the future when planning the design of their new warehouse and understand their racking system may need to be configured to accommodate new equipment or storage space as their business grows. New equipment and other machinery may require rearranging your racking, which can be a stressful and expensive transition if appropriate preliminary measures are not taken.

Due to the nature of their engineering, racking systems such as Knockdown Racking are efficient for this process. Knockdown racking (often referred to as Bolted Racking), is a multi-system product line manufactured by North American Steel that offers fully interchangeable components with welded racks available in many options to be tailored to your operational functionality.

When it comes to the quality, durability, and overall capacity limits, Knockdown racking performs equally as well as traditional bolted racking. It can be manufactured in the same traditional gauges as bolted racking, offering the same structural integrity and overall performance. Due to the racking being bolted together, the individual endframes and components occupy less space, which provides more efficient and cost-effective shipping for customers. 

Another benefit of Knockdown racking is that North American Steel typically keeps materials in stock which are available to ship directly to customers’ warehouses quickly and efficiently. In essence, Knockdown racking is bolted together instead of welded and is just as easy to install as welded racking but does incur more labor costs, as the installation does require more worker hours to assemble. 

Optimal Systems:


1. Single Selective Pallet Rack

Single Selective Racking is of the most used racking systems in traditional warehouses. It offers warehouses a cost-effective and efficient pallet storage organization. Knockdown selective racking offers warehouse managers quicker delivery from the factories, easier to replace components that may be damaged, and the ability to more easily adjust the racking configuration. In some circumstances, the Knockdown end frames can even have a higher overall capacity limit while simultaneously weighing less than traditional welded racking.

2. Double Deep Racking

Since one of the main advantages of Knockdown racking is the cost savings on the freight of your system, there are certain instances where Knockdown racking makes more sense. With Double Deep racking, there are all the same benefits as Single Selective. If your entire racking system is going to be shipped a substantial distance from the manufacturer (800KM+) or you are planning to operate with a double-deep hybrid system, we recommend Knockdown over welded frames, as it makes more economic sense to utilize.

3. VNA Racking

Very Narrow Aisle Rack is the same system as Selective Racking, but the access aisles are greatly reduced resulting in increased use of existing cubic space. Because of their unique configuration, VNA Racking is an efficient choice for Knockdown systems. But depending on where your warehouse is in conjunction with the manufacturer, the distance in freight to consumer plays a large role in whether this system should be chosen. Should the consumer operate from a substantial distance from the manufacturer, then Knockdown racking makes logistical sense. 

4. Storage Platforms

Knockdown Rack is ideal for the higher heights and the extra capacity required for the Catwalk aisles. Because storage platform systems frequently operate at a high level, the risk of an impact resulting in significant damage to your storage platform is much higher. One of the main features of Knockdown racking is the interchangeability of the parts since they are bolted in, rather than permanently welded racks, which would make replacing a broken component or accessory much easier.


Knockdown rack is a strong and reliable racking system that offers various benefits over traditional racking. Regarding warehouse layouts and overall business operations, no two warehouses are alike and there are various racking systems designed for different warehouse operations. Warehouse managers and executives must consider all aspects of how their business operates and take into consideration the various forms of industrial storage there are prior to purchasing any industrial pallet racking. If you are starting to plan your warehouse, doing research online, or speaking to a racking expert can help you understand which system can benefit you the most down the line. 

North American Steel is a manufacturer and end-to-end service provider of steel storage equipment that specializes in high-performance and cost-effective customizable storage solutions, including Knockdown Racking. If you are interested in learning more about our racking systems, browse our website for more information, or contact us to speak with a pallet racking expert directly. Are you interested in receiving a quote for a particular project? 

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