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NAS Roll Formed Selective Pallet Racking Systems include:


All the conventional types of distribution warehouses racking. From hand-picked storage to automated or computerized picking and palletized load systems, NAS has the industrial racking system that is right for your industry type to accommodate large or small load capacity needs.


North American Steel Selective Pallet Rack products are manufactured from high tensile steel. Our carefully engineered integrated components have been developed for the highest durability and performance and are regularly tested by an independent laboratory. North American Steel’s racking complies with CSA, ANSI standards and RMI roll form rack specifications and not only meets but exceeds all government safety standards.


The design capabilities of our experienced North American Steel team allows us to provide professional recommendations to suit your unique requirements. This can reduce your original investment and long-term maintenance cost while improving housekeeping and safety in your facility.

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Wide Aisle

Comprised of the same basic components as Selective Racking. The access aisle widths can be increased for 4-wheel balance lift trucks’ turning radius and have aisle widths of 144” to 160”.

Narrow Aisle

Comprised of the same basic components as wide aisle racking. The difference is that the access aisle widths are decreased for reach trucks for aisle widths of 108” to 132”

VNA – Very Narrow Aisle Rack

VNA – Very Narrow Aisle Rack by NAS consists of the same basic components as Selective Racking, but the access aisles are greatly reduced resulting in increased use of existing cubic space.

Double Deep Rack

Double Deep Rack features back to back pallet storage 2 pallets deep. Ideal for increased storage density requirements where lift trucks have extended reach capability.