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Enhancing Cable Management for an Electrical Distributor in Edmonton, AB

Type Of System

Reel Racking


Edmonton, Alberta

A leading electrical wire and cable distributor based in Edmonton, Alberta, faced significant challenges in optimizing its cable management system. The need to efficiently handle high-moving wires and cables and the demand for quick and organized access to customer orders prompted the company to seek a tailored solution.


Collaborating with North American Storage, a renowned industry partner, the project sought to design, manufacture, and install a comprehensive system. The goal of this endeavour was to cultivate a safer and more productive working environment within the company’s expansive 950 sq/ft warehouse space, measuring 100′ x 114′.


Challenges Faced


The distributor’s primary challenge was managing their electrical wires and cables effectively, ensuring quick access for pulls and cuts while meeting operational requirements. The aim was to enhance the process’s capabilities while maintaining the warehouse’s safety and security.




  1. Custom Reel Racking System:

A custom-designed reel racking system was introduced, towering at an impressive 20 feet. It features specialized reel cradles and holders strategically positioned to optimize storage capacity, with 21 reel cradles atop the configuration. The system also includes holders with a multi-tiered payout storage system for seamless pull and cut operations. Meticulously designed with a focus on safety, security, and operational efficiency, this system significantly enhances the client’s storage capabilities.


  1. Interactive Development

Effective coordination between the client, installation, and production teams ensured timelines were met and the space was ready for use. Close collaboration with the client helped us understand their equipment needs and confirm that the racking design met their requirements. We customized the design to fit the warehouse’s equipment, addressing any concerns or specific dimensions. Additionally, we provided comprehensive specifications for the reel bar holder, detailing its placement within the racking and how it interacts with the warehouse’s equipment. We established a feedback loop to address concerns or modifications to maintain a collaborative approach, ensuring the final design met all parties’ expectations.





The implemented solution significantly enhanced the distributor’s cable management capabilities. The branch now boasts 126 reels available for cutting at any given time, specifically

catering to orders requiring less than full reels. This streamlined process eliminated the need to repeatedly pull reels into the cutting area and then return them, improving overall operational efficiency. The combination of the reel racking system and the colour-coded design addressed the challenges and contributed to a safer and more visually organized warehouse environment.


The success of this project is attributed to our commitment to customer satisfaction at North American Storage. From design to production, delivery, and installation, our team prioritizes reliability and trust at every step. Our storage solution experts work collaboratively with clients, developing ideas, designing custom layouts, and implementing advanced storage systems tailored to elevate organizational efficiency.


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