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Hybrid Double Deep Distribution Centre

Type Of System

Hybrid Double Deep Selective (Rollformed) System With Structural Recessed Leg System


Edmonton, Alberta

This dairy product manufacturer and distributor required a Hybrid Double Deep pallet racking system. The project involved acquiring a neighbouring unit and expanding the cooler. The new unit required paneling and a completely new sprinkler and evaporator installation.


This operation is primarily a distribution model with pallet pick rack. Existing material handling equipment included double deep reach models so this basic layout was maintained. New to this space was the implementation of a HYBRID DOUBLE DEEP SELECTIVE design which utilized the durability of a hot rolled channel front frame with the strength and economy of a roll formed rear frame, protected from impact by being safely located at the back of the system.


Frames were supplied 20′ high (25′ in cross aisle supported rows) and are double posted for capacity. This system was also supplied with roll formed box beams and a combination of hook over safety bars and galvanized universal wire mesh decks. Building a Hybrid Double Deep Selective systems like this are difficult in that the beam lengths for the front and rear are different. The two types of rack systems have a tendency to “grow” in bay length at different rates as you assemble along the rows. NASECO’s team of full-time installers handled the project like professionals, accommodating a beam level change request mid way through installation and still completing the installation on time and on budget for the client.


Additionally, a Structural Recessed Leg system was installed above the receiving doors as well as a small freezer expansion which completed the project scope.