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Hybrid Racking Warehouse Distribution System

Type Of System

HYBRID RACKING Consisting Of Ground + 2 Level Pick Tower Rack



Our Calgary Alberta based Hybrid rack project consists of ground level racking and a two level Pick Tower. North American Storage located in Nisku, Alberta worked directly with a major conveyor manufacturer to complete this 65,000 sq. ft project.


Our client uses this pick tower for storing athletic based products for distribution within Western Canada. The warehouse racking consists of Roll formed frames & beams, and Hybrid (structural & roll formed combined) frames.


Key Design Features include a 9’ and 15’ aisles for powered & gravity conveyor systems, in conjunction with an internal garbage chute between floors, pallet drop zones, clear floor area top levels and a through floor conveyor setup.


This turn-key warehouse project provided by North American Storage contained a Hybrid rack system including racking material, roof deck with coated flooring, carton flow racking, wire mesh decks, hand rails, stairs, garbage chutes, pallet drop safety gates, and safety netting. It was also installed by North American Storage crews based in Nisku, Alberta.