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Optimizing Density Storage for a Prominent Beverage Distributor in Edmonton, AB

Type Of System

Drive-In Racking


Edmonton, Alberta

In the dynamic landscape of warehouse management, challenges arose for a longstanding beverage distributor in Edmonton, AB, balancing scalability, and accessibility. This experienced industry leader, distributing canned and bottled liquids and concentrates to vendors across Alberta, turned to North American Storage to seek storage solutions for their expansive 150,000 sq ft warehouse. Join us as we explore how this top distributor tackled challenges, boosted efficiency, and strengthened its brand with North American Storage’s comprehensive services.



Challenges Faced


The beverage distributor faced various challenges, including ensuring scalability for SKU inventory and meeting the usability requirements of existing forklifts, such as minimum aisle widths, lift heights, and clearances. Also, positive experiences with installing stacking storage systems at the client’s other locations prompted a review for improved density options and floor stacking. With a more efficient storage solution becoming paramount, the company began exploring innovative options to optimize its warehouse space, leading them to partner with North American Storage.





1. Structural Drive-In Racking System:

  • Implemented a structural drive-in system, which offers the ability to group SKUs efficiently and provides the flexibility to assign tunnel locations to specific items and adjust allocation based on current demand.
  • This system features 1745 pallet positions and stands at an impressive height of 23 feet, ensuring optimal use of vertical space while maintaining accessibility and adaptability.
  • Its durability prevents accidental damage to racking, thus preventing storage locations from being taken out of service.


2. Corporate Branding:

  • Using custom corporate colours helped the visibility of the racking and enhanced the client’s brand presence within the warehouse.


3. Client-Focused Integration:

  • Collaborated closely with the client to comprehensively understand the specific product types and dimensions that needed to be accommodated.
  • Additionally, we meticulously considered the delivery and installation time frame to ensure seamless execution.





The partnership with North American Storage yielded significant results for the prominent beverage distributor in Edmonton, AB. Implementing a structural drive-in racking system provided an impressive 1745 pallet positions, effectively increasing the distributor’s storage capacity within the same warehouse footprint. Maximizing vertical space usage allowed for more efficient grouping of SKUs, reducing the time and effort required for picking and restocking.


Moreover, integrating the client’s corporate branding into the racking improved visibility and strengthened the distributor’s brand presence within the warehouse. The durability of the structural drive-in racking system was also a notable benefit, as it minimized downtime caused by damaged racking, assuring that storage locations remained operational.


One of the key successes of the project was the seamless execution. Close collaboration with the client ensured that the delivery and installation of the new system were completed within the specified timeframe, minimizing disruptions to warehouse operations.


Don’t let storage challenges hold you back. Contact North American Storage today to explore how our comprehensive services can achieve your objectives, enhance efficiency, and fortify your brand identity within your warehouse.