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Overcoming 3PL Warehouse Storage Challenges: Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Type Of System

Selective Double Deep


Bolton, Ontario

The Third-Party Logistics (3PL) industry is growing rapidly, and warehouse managers are facing the challenge of optimizing their storage solutions while maximizing their warehouse footprint. To meet this challenge, warehouse managers need to explore new and innovative ways to organize their storage systems for operational efficiency.


North American Steel was approached by a 3PL service provider based in Bolton, Ontario, who faced the same problem. Their existing racking system was causing bottlenecks in their order picking, and they needed a customized solution to meet their unique needs in their 270,000-square-foot warehouse facility.


Challenges Faced


The client’s warehouse faced several challenges due to its outdated racking system. Their warehouse was 270,000 square feet, and they were struggling with a shortage of pallet positions. They needed a racking system that could maximize their available space, including the existing ceiling height, while minimizing the overall pallet position loss. Additionally, existing building columns made it difficult to design a racking system that would fit the egress plan.


Our in-house engineering team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing racking system to identify areas of improvement and developed a customized racking system that effectively optimized the available space in the warehouse while accommodating any constraints such as building height and weight restrictions. The team worked closely with the client to ensure that the new racking system met their specific storage requirements and provided a solution that was both functional and cost-effective.


Another challenge was working around existing building columns, which made it difficult to design a racking system that would fit the egress plan. Overcoming this obstacle was critical to ensuring the success of the project.




To address this challenge, our design team developed a comprehensive plan that utilized selective double-deep racking. This allowed us to maximize pallet density while minimizing aisle space, providing the client with the optimal solution. Our team worked diligently to develop a customized solution Utilizing our selective double-deep racking system. The new system was built to provide increased selectivity while maximizing pallet positions, significantly improving the efficiency of the order-picking process.


The final design provided the client with 25,000 pallet positions, with the height of the system reaching 34 feet tall. Our team designed a racking system that could be installed around the existing columns, which allowed us to maximize pallet density and keep the footprint to a minimum. The selective double-deep racking system also provided the client with increased pick faces, ergonomic pick levels, and critical selectivity benefits.


A few important benefits of this racking system are:


  • Increased order-picking efficiency.
  • Enhanced inventory control.
  • Allows for selective and bulk storage.




North American Steel was able to deliver a customized storage solution to the client, which allowed them to fully optimize their warehouse space while increasing their pallet position count. Our team of experts worked vigilantly to overcome the challenges of the project, and the result was a racking system that provided significant improvements to the client’s storage operations. The selective double-deep racking system was designed to fit the client’s specific needs, and it delivered increased selectivity, improved order-picking efficiency, and optimized storage density.


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