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Rack Supported Building – Cantilever

January 23, 2021,


Our client was looking to quadruple the footprint of an existing non-insulated storage warehouse building by expanding racking on three sides. The design goal was maximum pallet storage density with covered main aisle ways sufficient for loading 53’ trailers. This system comprised of a Structural racking system which supported the 5,000 Lbs pallets, environmental live loads, and the exterior cladding. Roll Formed rack column material was utilized for purlins and wall girts.


North American Steel has provided engineered rack supported building solutions to customers across North America, including seismic areas. We can build your rack supported structure to ensure compliance to provincial and local building codes. Hybrid racking is a cost effective solution when the rigidity of structural racking material is required.

Type Of System

HYBRID Racking Incorporating Both Structural Drive-In (Structural Racking) And Roll Formed Pallet Racking