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Optimizing Logistics: A Comprehensive Warehouse Transformation for a Growing 3PL Enterprise in Richmond, BC

double deep pallet racking
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Double Deep Racking


Richmond, BC

Our valued client, a 3PL enterprise, found themselves amid rapid growth, overseeing multiple warehouse facilities across Richmond, BC. Resource duplication, staffing, and overall logistics efficiency became apparent as the business expanded. In response to these challenges, the company sought a comprehensive storage solution that would address their immediate concerns and provide a sustainable, long-term strategy.


Challenges Faced


The customer’s facilities were spread over a vast area, creating logistical bottlenecks and challenges in managing resources efficiently. The decentralized structure led to increased costs, staffing issues, and difficulties in fulfilling storage and shipping requirements for their clients. A centralized, streamlined approach was essential to support the company’s growth.




NASECO addressed the challenges with:


1. Double Deep Selective Racking System:

The customer acknowledged the long-term cost efficiency of investing in durable and seismic-resistant structural racking. This racking system provided flexibility to accommodate various pallet sizes, a critical factor in meeting the diverse needs of their clientele. The frame design further incorporated a unique set-back aisle side column, effectively maximizing storage density while minimizing incidental damage.


2. Collaborative Approach:

NASECO engineers, the client, and a skilled developer seamlessly worked together on the racking layout. This collaborative effort ensured no storage locations were lost due to interference, blocked egress paths, or overhead encumbrances. Working harmoniously, they achieved the correct mix of floor stacking, staging, and racking storage tailored to the client’s business plan.


3. Project Management & Permitting:

NASECO efficiently handled the Tenant Improvement Permit Application process, ensuring a seamless transition while keeping the facility fully operational at each stage of the project execution. This strategic approach allowed for a smooth progression throughout the project, minimizing disruptions to the facility’s operational continuity.


4. Professional Installation:

NASECO harnessed the proficiency of its in-house installation team, boasting over 18 years of expertise in specialized racking design installations. This seasoned team diligently prioritized safety, efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail throughout the installation.




The implemented solution provided approximately 50,000 pallet locations, consolidating inventory from surrounding facilities. The staged completion allowed the facility to remain operational throughout the process, minimizing disruptions to the client’s operations. The optimized storage layout and streamlined logistics significantly enhanced efficiency and reduced operating costs.

As your business grows, consider the impact of a strategically designed warehousing solution. NASECO’s expertise in innovative racking systems and seamless project management can transform your logistical challenges. Ready to transform your warehouse operations?


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