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Industrial Real Estate Agents: Don’t Forget the Racking

Pallet racking is an essential component of industrial spaces, allowing businesses to efficiently store and organize their products. With industrial vacancy rates so low, and real estate costs on the rise, designing and integrating the correct pallet-racking solutions can be a lifeline for businesses facing rising operational costs. Increased storage density and efficiency can minimize other supply chain costs and help to combat labour shortages seen in the market. Unfortunately, not all business operators know where to start when it comes to finding the correct racking provider.

As an Industrial Real Estate Agent, you are often looked to as a source of information and guidance by your clients. Having a relationship with an established Racking Manufacturer who you may refer to your clients in the early stages of their warehouse planning is an invaluable resource. Fostering these relationships will positively impact your client’s business and solidify your relationship with them for years to come.

As a manufacturer of pallet racking and industrial shelving systems, North American Steel works with clients at all stages of planning for their industrial space, however, we find it most beneficial when given the opportunity to consult in the earliest stages of layout planning. For agents looking to bring value to their clients, there are many benefits to introducing a company like NAS at these early stages. Below, we have outlined five of these important benefits:



First and foremost, a racking manufacturer like North American Steel can provide expertise and guidance on the most suitable racking systems for their needs. Different warehouses have different storage requirements. A pallet racking manufacturer will design the best racking solution based on many factors, including the dimensions and layout of the facility, material handling equipment being used, the type, weight, quantity and mix of products being stored, and the nature of the business as a whole. For example, E-Commerce order fulfilment centres will rely on racking which lends itself to quick order picks of a wide variety of SKUs, while retail distribution centres may rely more heavily on higher density storage of palletized loads.

It is important to keep in mind that not all pallet racking suppliers provide the same services. At North American Steel, we understand that while certain businesses require similar systems, every business is unique. This is why we employ a full time staff of system designers and engineers in order to tailor the specifications of every system to the needs of every client.



Pallet racking manufacturers can offer a range of customization options to meet the specific needs of a warehouse. This could include custom sizes, colours, and branding to match the business’ corporate identity. At North American Steel, through our advanced manufacturing and powder coating capabilities, we can fully customize the look and functionality of a client’s system. By connecting your client early on, these customization options are available with little to no impact on lead times

Lead Times:


Pallet racking systems should not be a one-size fits all solution. There are many different types of systems, each with their own pros and cons. Designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing these systems can take time. The amount of time required varies based on the size and complexity of the system, however to help your client avoid delays in the operation of their business it is valuable to connect them with a reputable racking manufacturer as early as possible. Operating a supply based business without a properly designed and implemented storage system can result in operational bottlenecks that may lead the system to work against them, limiting operational efficiency as opposed to maximizing it.




Pallet racking systems can be a significant investment for your client. With all business costs on the rise, balancing budgets becomes more essential. Working with a racking manufacturer early on allows for your client to receive accurate estimates for the costs involved so they may effectively plan for their business and ensure they have sufficient resources to implement the system. Additionally, North American Steel works with our clients to design systems in a way that meets operational requirements while minimizing costs wherever possible. NAS offers a wide variety of product lines, including Structural Rack, Rollformed Rack, and Knockdown (bolted) Rack, allowing for flexibility in how systems can be designed while balancing any budgetary requirements.


Furthermore, working directly with a racking manufacturer opens your client up to potential bulk discounts, and saves time by allowing them to cover all bases for the design, manufacturing and installation of their system. NAS also offers maintenance, repair and inspection services, so clients are not required to work with multiple vendors if they do not wish to.




Another reason why industrial real estate agents should work with a racking manufacturer is for safety reasons, ensuring their clients are well informed on the safety standards surrounding their industrial storage system. Racking systems must meet strict standards to ensure the safety of warehouse workers and protect against damage to products and materials. A reputable pallet racking manufacturer, such as North American Steel, has the necessary certifications and will provide documentation to demonstrate compliance with all safety standards. By working with a reputable manufacturer, industrial agents can set their clients up for success and help to ensure the safety of their warehouse and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries.

North American Steel (NAS) is a manufacturer and end-to-end service provider of steel storage equipment that specializes in high performance, customizable storage solutions. Since 1972, we have assisted customers and warehouses across North America in making lasting improvements to their warehouse facilities by providing the most advanced material handling equipment, warehouse racking systems, and engineering inspection services in the industry. 

In conclusion, industrial real estate agents should work with North American Steel to benefit from their expertise, customization options, safety compliance, and cost-saving services. By doing so, they can help to maximize the efficiency and attractiveness of warehouses for potential tenants.

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