Pallet Rack Safety

Your Assurance of Pallet Rack Safety and Compliance in Warehouse Storage

At the NAS Group, we prioritize safety at every stage – from manufacturing to installation. Our racking and shelving systems meet stringent safety standards and building codes, adhering closely to CSA, ANSI, and RMI design codes. With the introduction of the R-Mark Certification (MH16.1-2023) by RMI, NAS proudly stands among the leading racking manufacturers in Canada, recognized with six R-Mark Certifications. This designation as an R-Mark® Certified Manufacturer, Certified System, and Certified Installation provider for both Roll-formed and Structural Steel highlights our dedication to safety and compliance. Our welding practices are regularly certified by the CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau), ensuring the highest level of mechanical and structural integrity. 


To discover more about our landmark achievement of the R-Mark®(MH16.1-2023) Certification and what it means for our valued clients, read our press release on our blog.  



Regular racking inspections are crucial for:


  • Identifying potential hazards that could harm employees.
  • Early detection of deficiencies to prevent system collapse.
  • Ensuring full compliance with regulations and capacity loads.
  • Extending the lifespan of your facility and minimizing future repair costs.



Depending on your warehouse’s activity level and size, we recommend conducting these inspections annually, quarterly, or more frequently.

Standards of Excellence

Standards of Excellence

Our manufacturing and installation processes are aligned with the highest safety standards. By complying with all relevant building codes and maintaining CWB-certified welding practices, we guarantee the safety and integrity of your shelving and pallet racking systems.
Ministry of Labour Compliance

Ministry of Labour Compliance

We offer inspection and safety certification services to ensure your pallet racking complies with Ministry of Labour standards. Avoid the risks associated with improperly installed or damaged racking by relying on our expert safety standards, from manufacturing to on-site installation.
Comprehensive Racking Inspection

Comprehensive Racking Inspection

Our qualified PSR personnel conduct thorough safety inspections of both existing and newly installed pallet racking. These inspections cover all critical aspects, from structural integrity to compliance with CAN/CSA A344 and MH16.1 (RMI) standards. A detailed report, signed by an Engineer, includes recommendations for conformity and highlights areas needing attention. Additionally, we provide drawings of your storage facility’s layout, detailing current pallet or beam level capacities.

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