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Cantilever is an arm supported steel racking system, supported at one end. The loads are held in place by the arm, which transfers the load weight to the supporting upright beam/base. Cantilever racking has also been referred to as T-racking as it can be used for T-Roof storage buildings.


Designed Uses

  • Lumber yards
  • Oversize and long pallet or construction items such as steel tubing, drywall sheets, and large furniture items


Cantilever racking is designed to handle a wide variety of products providing unrestricted front access for long and irregular shaped products as products rest on flat or tapered arms for easy loading. The columns act as backstops and flue space for sprinklers and water penetration. Cantilever Racking is an ideal structure to support a roof, protecting the products from the elements. Steel siding can be added to the sides and backs for added protection and rigidity.


North American Steel Offers Many Types Of Cantilever Racking Storage Systems Including:




Cantilever Bolted Rack is made with structural hot rolled steel channel and wide flange components, designed to handle a variety of products by providing unrestricted front access to irregular shaped products. Products rest on flat or tapered arms for easy loading. The columns act as backstops and flue space for sprinklers and water penetration. Lift truck forks have easy entry for non palletized loads. Base legs provide stability and keep the products off the floor.


All posts are punched to accept arms on both sides and are made entirely from high strength structural steel components for added capacity and better protection from damage, abuse or impact. Bolted arms are designed to simply bolt on either or both sides of the column to allow easy conversion from single to double-sided units. Arms are adjustable on 4” centers. A variety of arms, styles and capacities are available.


  • Durable construction for low maintenance and longer service life
  • Minimizes storage space and construction costs
  • Utilizes higher load capacity of the latest handling equipment
  • Allows for vertical adjustment of shelf height without interruption on the horizontal plane
  • Allows for optional guide rails for handling equipment




Cantilever Bar Rack Systems use standard roll formed rack components designed for light duty applications. It is recommended for up to 12 feet height only. Maximum arm length of 24”, adjustable on 3” centres. Ideal for reel racks, hand loaded bar or long narrow trim or pipe.




Cantilever Deck Rack is similar to Bolted Cantilever except traverse beams are added between the arms to support wire or sheet deck material. This racking solution is used mainly for bulky relatively light weight items (home furnishings, chairs, couches, tables, desks, dressers, cabinets, etc.).

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