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Cantilever Racking


  • Arm-supported design for efficient storage of irregularly shaped products.
  • Ideal for items like steel tubing, drywall sheets, and lumber.
  • Provides unrestricted front access for long and oversized items.
  • Columns act as backstops and allow for sprinkler and water penetration.
  • Can support a roof structure for outdoor storage, protecting products from elements.
  • Versatile with options for bolted, bar, and deck rack systems.
Compatible with Long/Oddly Shaped Items

Compatible with Long/Oddly Shaped Items

Outdoor Storage Capabilities

Outdoor Storage Capabilities

Quick Loading and Unloading

Quick Loading and Unloading

Cantilever Racking offers a specialized solution for storing irregularly shaped and oversized items. This arm-supported system is adaptable for various applications and is uniquely designed to handle items that traditional racking systems cannot accommodate. This racking system is an essential asset for businesses seeking to maximize storage efficiency while accommodating a wide range of product shapes and sizes.



Customized Storage for Diverse Needs


Cantilever Racking, an arm-supported steel system, is designed for efficiently storing irregularly shaped products. It’s especially useful in lumber yards and for oversized items like steel tubing, drywall, and large furniture. The racking is designed to handle a wide variety of products, offering easy loading and unrestricted front access.



Diverse Applications and Adaptability


This racking system is versatile, with arms that can be flat or tapered and columns that serve as backstops. It’s an ideal structure to support a roof, making it suitable for outdoor storage, and steel siding can be added for extra protection and rigidity.



NAS Group’s Cantilever Racking Varieties


Cantilever Bolted: Made with structural hot-rolled steel, ideal for a variety of products. Features easy lift truck access, base legs for stability, and adjustable arms.

Cantilever Bar Rack: A light-duty solution, perfect for hand-loaded bar, reel racks, or long narrow items. Recommended for heights up to 12 feet.

Cantilever Deck Rack: Similar to the Bolted variant but with traverse beams to support wire or sheet decks, suitable for bulky, lightweight items like home furnishings.



Enhancing Storage Efficiency


Cantilever Racking minimizes space and construction costs while utilizing the higher load capacity of modern handling equipment. It allows for vertical adjustment of shelf height and optional guide rails for handling equipment, ensuring durable, low-maintenance storage solutions.



Discover the versatility and efficiency of Cantilever Racking for your unique storage needs. Contact North American Steel to explore our range of Cantilever Racking Storage Systems, tailored to maximize your space and adapt to your specific requirements.

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