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Racking Systems to Meet Any Requirement


If you have pallets that won’t fit on traditional selective pallet rack or needs to be readily accessible, North American Steel can design a specialized rack system customized to suit your storage needs.


Whether you require extra high density storage, variable accessibility, retail ready fixtures, or storage for unconventional sized inventory, North American Steel can design, engineer, and manufacture a specialized storage system that meets your requirements and helps you achieve your business goals.


Contact us today to have an NAS system design expert assist you with your specialized racking storage needs.

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Drive In / Thru

Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems are designed for loading and retrieving full pallets from the same bay, eliminating one, two, or more aisles within a storage area.


Cantilever is an arm supported steel racking system, supported at one end. The loads are held in place by the arm which transfers the load weight to the supporting upright beam/base.

Retail Fixture

Roll formed based selective racking components designed to safety display and organize non-boxed items for display purposes

Pick Tunnel

Pick Tunnel Racks are designed to enable stock from higher levels to be placed into picking lanes at ground floor level.