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Specialized Racking

Specialized Racking Systems for Unique Storage Challenges

At the NAS Group, we understand that ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t apply to industrial storage. That’s why we offer specialized racking systems, tailored for unique and specific storage needs that go beyond conventional pallet storage. Our solutions cater to a diverse range of requirements, ensuring your business maximizes space and efficiency. 


Drive-In Racking: When ultra-high density is a priority, especially in scenarios with a high pallet count but a limited number of SKUs, our Drive-In racking systems offer an ideal solution. This design allows for efficient use of space, enabling more pallets to be stored in a smaller area, perfect for bulk storage needs. 


Cantilever Racking: Our Cantilever racking systems are perfectly suited for storing long products like lumber, piping, and other non-palletized items. This system provides easy accessibility and organization, simplifying the handling of lengthy materials. 


Retail Racking: For retail environments, NAS Group introduces an innovative blend of traditional pallet racking and retail merchandising. The top levels of our retail racking systems are designed for pallet storage, while the lower levels are optimized for retail display and picking, providing a dual-purpose solution. 



Choosing NAS means working with a team dedicated to top-notch solutions. Our racks are strong, dependable, and fit perfectly with your current warehouse setup. They are made using the latest technology and a deep understanding of storage needs. 


Explore NAS Specialized Systems below and contact our team for a tailored solution. We offer a variety of custom-made racking options to meet diverse storage challenges, ensuring your warehouse operates at peak efficiency. Our team of experts is here to turn your unique storage requirements into opportunities for growth and better efficiency. 

Selective Racking Systems

Drive In / Thru

Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems are designed for loading and retrieving full pallets from the same bay, eliminating one, two, or more aisles within a storage area.


Cantilever is an arm supported steel racking system, supported at one end. The loads are held in place by the arm which transfers the load weight to the supporting upright beam/base.

Retail Fixture

Roll formed based selective racking components designed to safety display and organize non-boxed items for display purposes.

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