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Quality Of Reliable Rack Storage Systems In Canada

What are rack storage systems? Warehouse racking should be easy to load and unload to access and distribute your products. North American Steel’s heavy duty warehouse rack storage systems are professionally made and installed. Pallet levels should be well spaced to allow access to products without damage by lift trucks or picking systems. North American Steel / Storage can handle any size warehouse storage or distribution system project.

Today’s e-commerce warehouses are more technically advanced than ever offering daily picking, packing and shipment of customer orders. Pick Towers and automated picking systems need to be top quality and our engineering department will design your system for optimal use and productivity. Our professional design, manufacturing and installation teams will ensure your warehouse pallet racking system is installed on time and on budget, following all required building and safety codes.

Storage racking facilities should be strong to provide safety to the materials being stored. Some companies like North American Steel are known for their quality storage facility they build for their customers, especially the rack systems. They use the best quality steel and professional and welding robotic techniques to ensure long lasting storage solutions to their customers. For years, they have been designing and setting up rack storage systems that are durable for their clients across North America.

Some of the storage systems the company has been developing include the Selective, Double Deep, Very Narrow Aisle, Retail Fixture, Drive-In and Drive-Thru, Cantilever, Push Back, Carton Flow (using mini roller track / stagger wheel / carton flow track), Pallet Flow (usilizing skate wheel tracks and full width rollers), and Mezzanine and Catwalk systems (consisting of rack supported storage platforms, pick tower rack, structural storage platforms), along with several types of shelving systems (including Wide span, Long span (EZRect), Highrise, Easyup, and Kwikerect), offer reliablity and long lasting permanent options to the customer.

North American Steel and Storage not only manufacturers, but they provide inspection of your current pallet racking system to ensure its safety. Their professional installation crews are skilled and trained to install all types of rack storage systems to ensure safety and compliance. Rack repairs or replacement is often required due to lift truck impact and damage, weakening load capacities and causing an unsafe warehouse. Ministry of Labour inspectors will be watching for these deficiencies in your warehouse. North American Steel will ensure your warehouse distribution system is up to code and safe for all employees thus saving you money on lost or damaged products. Quality is key when producing warehouse racking storage systems for all types of industries and can ship anywhere in North America.