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4 Keys To Planning a New Industrial Storage System


It has always been true when saying “no two people are exactly alike”. The same can be said about a company’s pallet racking system for their warehouses. With industrial warehouse space becoming more limited, it is important to understand how to maximize storage density and operational efficiency.


The efficiency of a warehouse operation primarily depends on the storage system (often built using pallet racking, industrial shelving, or a combination), how it is designed, and the quality of the racking system. Furthermore, it can be understood that the thought of upgrading your industrial storage can be a highly overwhelming and stressful process to begin planning. For this reason we are going to break the process down and give you 4 keys to planning a new storage system.



1 – Understanding Which Storage System is Optimal


Knowing what you need to maximize your warehouse storage can save you not only money, but a lot of headaches down the line. These are an essential and costly part of a storage facility, so it is important to ensure the correct storage system is integrated based on the needs of your business. When operating a business, understanding your warehouse’s operational functionality ensures an optimized workflow, maximized efficiency, and ensures the safety of both the products you are storing as well as the workers that you rely on. Some of the main types of industrial storage include:



There are many different types of storage systems available, understanding the functionality each system has to offer can help you make the best choice for your business’ storage solutions. The type of storage system (or a combination of systems) that will be best for your business will depend on multiple factors, including the types of items/products being stored, the quantity/weight of items and pallets to be stored, and the level of density and/or selectivity required by your operations.



2 – Planning for a Custom Built System


Once you have familiarized yourself with the different types of warehouse pallet racking systems and the benefits each system offers, planning for a custom storage system is your next step, and the benefits of having your warehouse racking system customized are unparalleled.


There are many factors that come into consideration for your future storage system, understanding how each of these factors can affect your productivity, efficiency, and overall business is critical in planning for a new industrial storage system. Some of the factors you should take in to consideration are:


  • How many pallets/amount of storage space needed
  • Weight/size of pallets and stored items
  • Types of items/products
  • Layout of your facility, including ceiling height
  • What your workflow will be


But ultimately, your company and your business are highly unique. There is likely no one-size-fits-all system for your business. Ensuring your checklist is accurate and organized will make the process from start to finish much more smooth and easy.



3 – Planning the Proper Budget


One of the most important parts in planning for a new industrial storage, you have to understand the notion of “you get what you pay for”. With the rising costs of steel, installing a top-to-bottom pallet flow system, for example, can become very expensive. There are two important factors at play when it comes to the cost for your Industrial Warehouse Solution; the size and quantity of the racking system components and the quality of steel racking products being used.


The more products you have, the more storage space you’re going to need, which requires the integration of more heavy-duty materials. When budgets start to climb, some will consider importing their steel racking from overseas and difficult to track sources. However, oftentimes the upfront cost savings provided through these sources end up costing a business far more in the long run, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons of domestic vs imported steel racking in the budgeting process.



4 – Working with the Right Supplier


Just like the various warehouses we work with, every racking/shelving company functions and operates at a different level of quality & care. Making the proper choice in your supplier can mean the world of difference. A supplier who will support you from the very beginning stages of your project will ensure not only safety and quality of the storage system, but ensures that the system is designed to specifically meet the needs of your business.


At North American Steel, we take pride in being there from the start with the companies we work with. We have successfully designed, supplied, and installed thousands of optimized warehouse solutions across North America. Read about previous projects here. 


Although we have covered 4 Key factors to consider when planning for an Industrial Storage System, there are more considerations to be made that can be quite complex. It would be beneficial for you to work with experienced pallet racking experts from the earliest stages of planning to make sure you cover all of your bases. At North American Steel, you will be supported by an expert team of designers, engineers, technical sales representatives and support staff from the earliest stages of your project, and long after your racking system is installed.

Are you looking to install a new racking system or expand on your existing system in your warehouse or storage facility? Reach out to our Team today, we would be happy to work with you!