Racking PSR Certification

Pre-Start Health & Safety Review (PSR) – Safeguarding Your Warehouse

In the heart of your warehouse operations lies the racking system – pivotal for storage and distribution efficacy. Ensuring this backbone of your facility remains safe and productive demands regular inspections and the acquisition of a Pre-Start Health & Safety Review (PSR) certification by a qualified engineer. Recognizing and addressing any damage, especially from common lift truck impacts, is crucial in maintaining the certified load capacities and structural integrity of your storage system.

Certified Safety

Certified Safety

Gain peace of mind with our PSR certifications, confirming your racking system’s safety for daily operations. Regular professional inspections by our engineers ensure that your setup maintains its integrity and capacity over time.
Compliance Expertise

Compliance Expertise

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our guidance on Ministry of Labour inspections, seismic calculations, and rack certifications. Our services ensure your racking system complies with all current safety standards and legal mandates.
Proactive Protection

Proactive Protection

Invest in proactive measures like rack protection and staff training. Preventative strategies not only enhance safety but also reduce long-term costs and risks, keeping your operations running smoothly and safely.

Ministry of Labour and Compliance

The Ontario Ministry of Labour champions safe practices and the proper use of industrial storage racking systems. Adhering to safety codes and maintaining verified load capacities is not just a regulatory mandate but a foundational aspect of operational safety and efficiency.

The Value of a Rack PSR

A Rack PSR bestows upon your storage system the certification needed for daily safe use. Professional inspections by qualified Engineers are vital to ascertain that your racking system withstands the test of time without compromising on safety or capacity. North American Steel (NAS) can furnish a PSR exemption letter for all new installations, underscoring our commitment to safety and compliance from the very start.

The Cost of Non-Compliance

In 2011, over 3,000 stop work orders were issued, impacting businesses with unexpected downtime. To prevent such costly disruptions, we advocate for annual inspections to ensure the continued integrity of your racking systems, in line with CSA Standard A344’s requirements for regular on-site inspections and record-keeping. CSA Standard A344 requires that on-site inspections of the racking be performed regularly by an internal staff member and a record be kept of such inspections for the Ministry of Labour compliance checks.

Rack Protection Strategies

Preventative measures are the most cost-effective approach to rack safety. Training forklift operators and investing in rack protection can help avoid the long-term costs associated with racking damage – which can lead to catastrophic events including system collapse, injury, or worse. Rack PSR is not only a reactive measure but a proactive step to ensure continuous operation without interruption from stop-work orders.

Rack PSR Certifications by NAS

Adherence to manufacturer guidelines is imperative, especially when considering the relocation of racking within your facility. Professional guidance from a licensed Engineer is essential for any adjustments to ensure the racking remains safe and compliant.

Proper Usage and Handling

NAS provides comprehensive certifications for each bay of pallet racking, complemented by detailed layout drawings. These certifications detail the engineer’s review, date, and signature, along with specified beam capacities to ensure your racking meets the highest safety standards. It is our recommendation that industrial racking or shelving in warehouses and distribution centers be inspected annually for any damage that may affect the integrity of the racking. NAS, as a racking manufacturer, can issue a PSR exemption letter for all new installations of racking.

Upholding Safety Specifications and Standards

The ambiguity surrounding used racking underscores the need for stringent adherence to engineering specifications and standards. Keeping engineering records, as mandated by CSA A344-17, ensures that your racking system’s integrity is never in question. Any alterations to your racking system necessitate a new PSR to guarantee compliance with current safety standards.

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